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An Essential Guide to Asian Ghost Movies

An Essential Guide to Asian Ghost Movies

As previously written about, contemporary Asian horror films, or the ghost stories at least, revolve around the appearance of that familiar creepy girl with the long, black, stringy hair covering her face that crawls around on the floor, up walls, beneath beds, etc, based on the Noh revenge ghost figure of the Onryo. The simple fact is that though nearly all Asian horror films thus far produced have been or are scheduled for the Hollywood remake treatment, nearly every one of those America versions pales in comparison. I first became aware of the genre of Asian horror along with most Americans courtesy of the remake of Ringu, the Japanese version of The Ring. In fact, The Ring is the only American version I’ve seen thus far that is superior to the original, though many others disagree, and that’s perfectly fine. With the release of a remake of one of the following in theaters as I write this, and at least one other scheduled for release later in 2008, it has become apparent that the Asian ghost film is the French comedy of this decade; a genre that has produced an awe-inspiring number of remakes that almost in totality suffer in the comparison.

You don’t necessarily need to avoid Hollywood remakes because there may be another The Ring hidden out there somewhere, but you really should make the effort to see the original first. Or even second. I don’t care, but just watch these freaking movies, will you! And start demanding that Hollywood start producing something even remotely as artistic and interesting.

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The Ghost

The difficulty in writing about these Asian ghost movies is that you can’t give too much away so it makes writing about what makes them so good extremely difficult. Here is a simple plot description: A young woman experiencing amnesia learns that people around her are being killed off. The Ghost is kind of a difficult movie that requires either close attention or a second viewing because it is easy to confuse the characters. That’s not a racist statement, it’s just that with so many unfamiliar young female actresses with long dark hair, it’s really easy to lose track. This movie really starts to come alive about a third of the way through when the flashbacks begin to give you an idea of where you might be heading. Only, you ain’t going to wind up where you thought you would. The Ghost is not particularly scary, but it does have that wonderfully creepy atmosphere that doesn’t rely on the boo-gotcha effect that I wish Hollywood would unlearn. The Onryo in The Ghost gets a 3 out of 5 ranking for her own particular brand of creepiness.


The main character in this film is a reporter whose articles have not been very kind to some pornographers. When she becomes the victim of a phone stalker she changes her number. Big mistake. Her niece answers the phone day, hears something, and begins screaming uncontrollably. Phone is a film that just simply has way too much going on to tell you anything other than that, but you need to watch it for the performance of the little girl. She plays a vital role and to say that some of the scenes are uncomfortable to the point of deeply disturbing is to understate the case. You may question, in fact, if the little girl is a really a young girl at all, or is she a midget. Incredibly creepy movie for altogether different reasons from The Ghost and the others. Onryo factor: 2 out of 5 for creepiness.

A Tale of Two Sisters – Cinematography | Crititcal Studies Blog

A Tale of Two Sisters

If Val Lewton were alive today, he might have made A Tale of Two Sisters. This movie is a spectacularly atmospheric film that, like all the best horror films, is really a psychological thriller more than a ghost story. Don’t get me wrong. The Onryo in A Tale of Two Sisters is the creepiest I’ve seen, a definite 5 out of 5. While some might find the pace of this movie a little two slow, those people should probably stick to Bruce Willis movies and comedies where the word “wang” is considered highbrow humor. This movie in some ways also reminds me of The English Patient its story unfolds in a very seductive way before finally unveiling its shocking secrets. It is also not giving away too much to state that it is one of the most memorable films about a very particular and universal emotion ever made. I can’t say what that emotion is, but you’ll know by the end.

Ryan's Movie Reviews: Shutter (Thai original) Review


To be perfectly honest, the Hollywood remake doesn’t look too bad, but that’s mostly because it also appears to be almost a shot for shot remake. What makes Shutter worthwhile is that, like every other one of these films and doubtlessly others I haven’t seen, they are horror flicks but the makers understand that you need more than just a continuing body count and the occasional boo-gotcha. In fact, Asian ghost movies really almost belong in the suspense/thriller section than the horror section. A Tale of Two Sisters isn’t about who gets killed and the repercussions, it’s about why someone gets killed and how it affects them. The Ghost at first appears well on its way to being a story about the redemption of, well, a real bitch, but…well, I can’t say any more. And Shutter starts out like a simple haunting story, but turns into a film that has a lot to say about the power of that emotion that A Tale of Two Sisters is about. That film does it better, in part because it is also the most genuinely terrifying of this lot (it may give some of you nightmares), but Shutter, on the other hand, is a bit more accessible. Shutter effectively uses another standard device of Asian horror, the image in photographs that shouldn’t really be there. In fact, the effect of the ghost in the photograph provides the most startling moment in the movie. Shutter moves at a more Hollywood-acceptable pace than Sisters, which is part of its greater accessibility. And finally, Shutter also contains a quite effective Onryo to which I give my final score of 4 out of 5 for creepiness, and a 5 out of 5 for integration into the story.

Disturbia Clever in Name, Not in Viewing

Disturbia Clever in Name, Not in Viewing

Genres: Thriller and Teen
Running Time: 1 hr. 44 min.
Release Date: April 13th, 2007 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sequences of terror and violence, and some sensuality.
Distributors: Paramount Pictures
Directed by: D.J. Caruso

JJ Rating: B

Boy gets in trouble with the law and is under house arrest for several months. He’s told to occupy his mind so that he doesn’t go crazy. He decides to be a voyeur and peer into the lives of his neighbor’s. He peers into the life of a hot girl and he peers into the life of a man he assumes is evil and kills women. One of them becomes his friend. Guess. So i watched that film thanks to 123Movies Helping site.

Disturbia is, I would take it, a combination of the word disturbed and suburbia. It’s a clever combination and clever title. Is it a clever movie? According to the genre it’s a thriller and teen movie. Based on that I think it’s rather good. Teen movies are usually bland and lacking in cohesiveness. This movie had a pretty good story line and there is a very good action sequence at the beginning. Further description of such would ruin the “shock” value but it has to be one of the better scenes I’ve seen in a while.

Watch Disturbia | Prime Video

Shia LaBeouf is a good actor. He has been in several films and the one I really remember him from is Holes. Disturbia is far from Holes and he shows it by his acting. He actually pulls it off. It’s as if he is growing up on screen movie by movie so maybe he won’t disappear into nothing like other child actors do. He has a chance of being more…if that is what he wants.

Thrillers are not one of my favorite genres. They are just there for me. I happen to like some of them and I happen to dislike some of them. What I like about this one is that it builds up and then makes you sort of second guess what is going on. I was not really second guessing a whole lot but at least it tried. Also I like the silly moments that have you wonder if it is serious or not and then it turns out to be a GOTCHA moment. Love that it added humor to the thrill because it can sometimes catch you off guard thinking it was a thrill moment when oh nose it was trickery and it was just a silly moment.

What I did not like was that there was a serious moment between the main character and the female interest and the boom mics could be seen. It’s not like a small bit of it. No. It was more like half and sometimes the whole thing. That was annoying and I was distracted and did not really pay attention to the conversation at hand because I was wondering how an editor could miss something that obvious.

I also did not like added storylines into the film that really served no purpose. The girl’s parents are having issues that really don’t play out at all in the story seem so pointless. What is the point in introducing the parent’s issues into the story if they really add nothing to the outcome or the story itself?

Disturbia [DVD]: Shia LaBeouf, Sarah Roemer, Carrie-Anne  Moss, David Morse, Aaron Yoo, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Matt Craven, Viola  Davis, D.J. Caruso, Shia LaBeouf, Sarah Roemer, Jackie Marcus, Joe Medjuck,  E.Bennett Walsh,

There was a secondary story with three kids that would pick on LaBeouf and that is pretty funny. However, how he gets back at them is a bit bland. It’s no where near as cool as it could have been but at least it happens I guess. It’s not like I gave anything away considering that part of the story is so apparent in how it will be solved.

Is there a twist of an ending? Not really. There are sick moments towards the end and things start to fall into place but nothing of shocker value. So if you are expecting something to jump out and make you go WHOA shocker…don’t bother with this movie.

Disturbia is just a fun movie that really wasn’t too much of a thinker. It had some clever moments and cheap thrills but nothing spectacularly different that would make it stand out. So really it’s forgettable in the long run and not really Rear Window-ish considering Rear Window is memorable.

I will not be buying this movie and I will most likely never see it again. One time go through was worth it though. Take this into consideration if you plan on seeing it Disturbia as a title is cleverer than the actual storyline. That way you are not disappointed by thinking that there is more to it. It’s only trailer deep.

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Top 10 Best Horror Movies of All Time

Top 10 Best Horror Movies of All Time

Horror movies have been a part of a lot of folks’ Halloween tradition. Halloween is a favourite holiday for scary movie fanatics such as me, and it doesn’t matter where I watch movies, on a divi in the garage or online in high quality at It means that it’s that time of the year again when the television channels are flooded with ghost and supernatural documentaries and TV shows. Moreover, it’s the time to get together with friends to have a horror movie marathon. There are different kinds of scary movies.

There’s the horror-comedy, the slasher flick, the supernatural, the psychological thriller, etcetera, etcetera. The point is no matter how good a movie is, in the end it all comes down to what the viewer likes. So if you are scavenging for something good to watch this Halloween, here are some recommendations. (This is solely based on my own opinion, I know there are a lot of great movies out there but I guess they just didn’t make the cut for me).

On Number 10: Ringu (2000)

Yep, the birth of our favourite antagonist, Sadako. Not many people have seen this film. It’s a little less scary than the original; however, it is so much better than that nonsense stuff that was Ring 2. What I like about this is that it gives a background story about how it all started. In this instalment of the Ring Series, you get to empathize with Sadako and maybe cut her some slack for being evil and all.

Number 9: Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Anthony Hopkins and Jodi Foster at their best. Psychological thrillers are my favourite because even though some of the scenes are unlikely to happen in real life, at the back of your mind you just can’t shake off the thought that (how unlikely may it be) it is not entirely impossible. There may be some sleeper moments in this movie, but not to worry because it’s an essential part of tension building, and you will be scared (believe you me).

Number 8: Night of the Living Dead (1990)

Note: I haven’t been able to watch the 1968 version. With all the zombie films coming out these days, the Night of the Living Dead ( remains to be the best. If you’re into extreme gory kind of stuff, this is the film for you.

Number 7: Patayin sa sindak si Barbara (Scare Barbara to Death) (1974)

As the title may have given away, this is a Filipino film. I know, many of you may not even heard about it, but since I warned you earlier that this list is mainly out of my own perspective, I guess you just have to listen to what I have to say don’t you. The protagonist (as the title clearly stated) is Barbara. She has a sister named Ruth. Ruth killed herself because she thinks her husband is having an affair. When she died, her spirit found out that Barbara is her husband’s mistress. So, you probably guessed what happens next, right? Ruth becomes this vengeful spirit going after her sister and trying to kill her. Oh, I forgot, there’s also a creepy doll named Chelsea, and a creepy possessed girl named Karen. And that’s about it, one of the best on my list. Now was that really so bad?

Number 6: Child’s Play (1988)

Ok, this one is really good. I mean a sadistic killer doll which was supposed to be all cute and cuddly. How scary is that. What with the innocent looking everyday object turned into something evil. This is the only likeable Child’s Play movie. It’s not boring like Child’s Play 2 and 3. And it’s certainly not the joke that was Bride or Seed of Chucky. Talk about commercialism over quality.

Number 5: Pet Sematary (Stephen King) (1989)

This movie is so scary because it takes away from you all the sense of security that you may have in your body. The plot takes the idea of having a loving family and turns it into something awful. This is not one of the more popular horror movies, but it’s definitely one of the best. Number

4: April fool’s Day (1986)

This is just another slasher flick. Or is it? This movie isn’t all that scary. It’s not the kind of movie that will give you nightmares or get you into temporary paranoia and stuff. Then why in the world did I include this on my list? Beats me… All I know is that I loved it. Enough said.

Number 3: Ring (Original Japanese Version) (1998)

Aside for the fact that you get yourself into the hassle of having to read English subtitles, this is still, the best Asian horror flick to date. It is one of the more recent horror movies that took a regular, everyday object and turned it into something cursed (and horrific). The plot, although very unfathomable in so many levels, still gives a lot of people the creeps. It also led to my unreasonable fear of my television.

Number 2: Sixth Sense (1999)

Now if you are one of the ten people who haven’t seen this film, I have something to say to you… Are you kidding me? This is only horror at its best. I can’t put into words how to describe it. So, get up there and rent a copy or download it or something, for heaven’s sake. The Sixth Sense and the number 1 on my list are two very different things. They scare us in two very different aspects. They both are really good and really, really scary, and they simply are best in their own rite. But when it boils down to which one is THE best, the choice for me, is very, very clear…

NUMBER 1: The Exorcist (1973)

Talk about over the top scary (but in a good way). It’s horrible (but in a good way). It’s sickening (but in a good way). The guys who made this are crazy (OH YES! IN A GOOD WAY). One thing about a great horror movie is that it’s supposed to be effective in sending chills to the viewers through the screen. And I’ll tell you how effective this movie is. I’m getting freaked out now just writing about it, seriously. The imagery of this film becomes tattooed in one’s mind like a stench that won’t come off. It’s there permanently that whenever you hear the word ‘horror’ that image vividly comes right back into your vulnerable little mind as it feeds on your deepest fears. I think that the Exorcist is so scary because it set no boundaries. It basically corrupts the central pillar of human survival, FAITH. It is scary because, it’s quite impossible to happen in reality but you have that nagging thought at the back of your head that IF it DOES happen to you, you will be completely helpless. This movie my friends, is a breakthrough in horror genre. It really lives up to its title ‘the scariest movie’ of all time. Yes, there are many great movies about exorcism that has come up after this, and yes, some are pretty good as well. But as far as I’m concerned, for now nothing is as great as the EXORCIST. (Geez! Is it just me, or did I just sound like I worship this movie?) And again if you haven’t seen it yet, for crying out loud, please do! Oh and one last thing, the director’s cut, although very entertaining and added a little more zest to the original release, kind of ruined the overall feel of the film. So there you have it, ten of the best horror movies of all time (in my opinion, of course). Enjoy!!!

Happy Accidents — A Good Romantic-Suspense-Comedy

Happy Accidents — A Good Romantic-Suspense-Comedy

Happy Accidents is a love story set in New York City: The perfect date movie for a romantic woman and the nerdy guy who cannot seem to stay away from Star Trek conventions. The lead male, Sam Deed (Vincent D’Onofrio), claims to be a back-traveler. That’s right, he is from the future, 2470. Or is he?

Ruby Weaver (Marisa Tomei) thinks she has found the perfect guy. However, the plot begins to take strange turns as Sam reveals his past is actually the future. He is from Dubuque, Iowa on the Atlantic coast.

Ruby does what any good recovering co-dependent would do, she asks her therapist (Holland Taylor) for advice. The therapist notifies Ruby that Sam is suffering from TLE, a rare illness that results in an overactive imagination.

But poor Ruby has already fallen for Sam. Her best friend, Gretchen (Nadia Dajani), tells Ruby to make the time-travel bit a game the two can play.

Happy Accidents is an intriguing movie that captures your attention from the get-go. Vincent D’Onofrio (Steal This Movie and The Cell) plays the charming, child-like character of Sam perfectly.

On their first date, Sam arrives at Ruby’s apartment with a handful of oldie records while Ruby is dolled up expecting to go out. Humor ensues as Sam does not know how to use the record player.

His naiveté is irresistible. You quickly learn that Sam is ignorant about many common things. However, he can rattle off future events as if recalling historic facts.

Ruby’s game with Sam begins to become harder to play. Sam persists with his time-travel story and inevitably the tension rises between the two.

Marisa Tomei, of My Cousin Vinny fame, plays the confused, lovelorn Ruby with dead-on facial expressions that showcase the anguish she is harboring. She is torn between her feelings for Sam, common sense, suggestions from her therapist and her faithful friend Gretchen.

The closing scenes reach a fever pitch. Sam tells Ruby that her death is imminent. He insists she stays home all day. Ruby finally capitulates and listens to Sam’s advice by barricading herself home.

But as fate would have it, Sam gets called away for an emergency at work. In the meantime, Ruby decides to call the number on the back of Sam’s family photos. The response she hears leads her to flee the apartment and to leave Sam for good.

The climax stunningly reveals the truth. The movie’s details push headlong into a rush that will leave your mouth gaping and trying to remember previous details that seemed unimportant (but now crucial) when first presented.

Happy Accidents is no accident – a well-crafted movie.

Amistad: A Touching Historical Drama

Amistad: A Touching Historical Drama

Steven Spielberg’s Amistad is a movie that every American should see. It is a historical drama about the mutiny on the 1839 ship ‘la Amistad’ and the political trials that followed. From the violent opening sequence to the bittersweet ending, Amistad is a movie that will leave you with an ache in your heart and a lump in your throat.

Djimon Hounsou shines in his role as Cinque, an African man who is captured and taken from his home to be sold into slavery. Transported as property, under horrible conditions, Cinque finds an opportunity to free himself.

He and the other Africans on la Amistad escape, kill the crew members and try to head back to Africa. Unfortunately, they are intercepted by an American naval ship, recaptured, and taken to New England.

There they are charged with the murders of their captors and subjected to a lengthy trial, during which they are talked about and treated as property. Matthew McConaughey gives a compelling performance as real estate lawyer Robert Baldwin, who takes on the difficult case.

Faced with language and cultural barriers, he is eventually able to communicate with Cinque. He seeks the help of former president John Quincy Adams, convincingly portrayed by Anthony Hopkins, and develops a strategy that he hopes will win an emotional trial.

Also pushing for the release of the Africans is abolitionist Theodore Joadson, brought to life by Morgan Freeman. His is a fictional, not historical, character that’s meant to represent the many abolitionists of the time who fought for the African’s cause. The case comes at a time when President Martin Van Buren (Nigel Hawthorne) is running for re-election. He comes to fear that the outcome of the case will affect his chances and that freeing the Africans will instigate a civil war.

He uses his power and influence to have the judge on the case removed and replaced with a judge of his choosing. To Van Buren’s surprise, Baldwin’s legal tactics prevail and he eventually wins the case. Van Buren feels the heat from his Southern colleagues and from Queen Isabella of Spain, who is hoping to have the “slaves” returned to Cuba since the ship was captured in Spanish waters. The president has the court’s decision overthrown and taken to the Supreme Court, where 7 of the 9 members are slave owners.

Those who are unfamiliar with the history of this case, as I was, will be shocked by the course of events in this movie. After subsequent research, I discovered that the film was almost completely historically accurate.

That knowledge made me feel sick to my stomach. When Cinque described the treatment that he and his fellow Africans received on the ship, I was stunned and horrified. For many of us, especially the younger generations, slavery seems so remote and far away that we rarely think of it. This movie brought it back into focus, and the reality is sickening.

Also disheartening is the fact that our justice system was so easily manipulated. That someone in a position of power could use the legal system for his own political gain. It begs the question: If it happened then, could it happen now? Does it happen now?

Amistad is a film that will make you take a look at the dark reality of the past. With Spielberg’s trademark passion and character development, it is moving and credible. I hope that Amistad has and will continue to spark serious thoughts and discussions. It is a movie that every American of every race should see.

Top Gifts for Fans of Today’s Best TV Comedies

Top Gifts for Fans of Today’s Best TV Comedies

Looking to buy gifts for friends or family who are fans of current TV comedies? Why not check out the many TV comedies now on dvd? Dvd versions of past seasons of My Name Is Earl, The Office, and other recent hits make are great gifts for new fans trying to learn the basics and for diehard fans who like to rewatch old favorites. Or you can give to your frineds the link to one of the best streaming sites like 123Movies –

Some dvd sets cost forty dollars or so, but if you shop around, you can find discounts on Ebay or (and in mint condition; I’ll never pay full price for a dvd set again…). Do some comparison shopping to find your best deal.

Image result for My Name Is Earl

My Name Is Earl, Season 1. One of the few sitcom breakouts of the last few years, My Name Is Earl stars Jason Lee as a loser turned embracer of karma out to undo the wrongs he’s done to others over the course of his life. Also starring Jamie Pressley, Emmy nominated for her role, season one of the series gives us our first look at Crab Man, Earl’s brother Randy, and all the other oddballs that populate his life. You may reverse some of your own bad karma giving this set as a gift to comedy fans on your list.

The Office, Season 1 amp; 2. After a so-so start, NBC’s version of the Brit-com The Office has launched into major success. Winner of the 2006 best comedy Emmy, this mocumentary stars Steve Carrell, Rainn Wilson, and whomever it is who plays Pam and Jim, as employees at a paper company in Scranton, PA. Beautiful Scranton. Carrell’s Michale and Wilson’s Dwight often work in tandem to make complete fool’s of themselves as the camera and their officemates look on with amazement. Anyone who works in a real office will recognize these characters (and maybe themselves…) and enjoy this gift.

Image result for Arrested Development

Arrested Development, Seasons 1-3. Also an Emmy winner, this sitcom, just cancelled last season on Fox, was a critic’s darling, and a cult hit. Jason Bateman stars as the only sane member of a rich but insane family. Jeffrey Tambor, David Cross and Jessica Walter are among the relatives he has to keep at bay. Guest stars over the seasons included Liza Minelli, Julia Louis Dreyfuss, and even Bateman’s sister, Family Ties star, Justine. Rapid fire comedy permeates the series as each scene seems to have a few layers of bizarre jokes. Not the best gift for the fan of traditional sitcoms, but people who appreciate the offbeat will love it. Also a must for fans of the show who miss it dearly now that it’s off the air.

Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 1-5 (available individually or as a package). If Seinfeld were on HBO might be a good way to describe this series, though it’s different in many ways from that NBC hit. The brain behind it is the same, Larry David, mutliple award winner and deadpan comedy writer. David and Cheryl Hines lead a cast in a series built, like Seinfeld, around David’s fictional life. The improvised feel of the show isn’t for everyone and some may find it ‘ a show about nothing.’ But then again, there’s clearly nothing wrong with that.

Image result for weeds show

Weeds, Season 1. Mary Louisa Parker has earned critical praise for her role as a pot-dealing suburban single mom on this Showtime series. It also stars Elizabeth Perkins (Big) and Kevin Nealon (SNL). A comedic look at what happens in all those seemingly tame suburban neighborhoods- sort of in the vein of Desperate Housewives – though very different in style and approach. If someone like Parker on The West Wing, for example, he or she will probably enjoy this series as a gift.

The Best Historical Love Epic of Hindi Cinema, Mughal-e-Azam

The Best Historical Love Epic of Hindi Cinema, Mughal-e-Azam

If you are fond of Indian history, particularly history of Mogul times, of sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, you will remember the name of king Jehangir, who was father of king Shahjehan. King Jehangir was famous for his justice and his romantic nature. He was in intense love with one of his mother’s servants, Anarkali. The love story of Jehangir, who was known as Salim in his youth, has been very famous in the Indian history. There are many bollywood Hindi movies filmed on this eternal love story, but the most famous and the artistic film is Mughal-e- Azam. The movie was released in the year 1960. It was produced and directed by well-known director K. Asif. It took nine long years to make this epic romance film. This film was one of the most lavish productions of its time. The film initially had a lukewarm response from the Indian crowd, but it quickly gathered momentum, eventually becoming one of the most celebrated and successful films in the history of Indian cinema.

The story of the film begins with king Akbar (Prithviraj Kapoor) going on foot for a long distance of around 100 miles from Delhi to Fathehpur Sikri, where the majar of holy Sheikh Salim Chisti was situated to beg for a son, as he was not having any children. His wife, maharani Jodhabai (Durga Khote), gave birth to a boy after this visit due to the blessings of the holy sheikh Salim Chisti. King Akbar gives promise to give anything she wants to one of the servants of rani Jodhabai who conveyed him the most blessed news of birth of his son. The boy, named Salim, grows up and is found to be romantic and vagabond drinking alcohol and playing with the girls. King Akbar gets extremely angry on seeing this and sends him to war to keep him away from all the lavish items of a king. He grows up and becomes a very brave man later in his youth. King Akbar calls him back and makes him his successor to his mogul kingdom. Salim (Dilip Kumar) meets Anarkali (Madhu Bala), daughter of one of the servants of maharani Jodhabai.

Salim falls immediately in love with her. He wants to marry her but his father king Akbar objects, as Anarkali was a slave and a dancer. He puts her into prison. Anarkali refuses to leave Salim at any cost. Salim revolts against his father, is bitten in the battle with his father, and sentenced to death by his father Akbar. Anarkali buys the life of Salim with her own and she is being buried alive in the wall. Anarkali’s mother begs for the life of her daughter by reminding king Akbar, his old promise given to her. Akbar relents and exiles Anarkali from her death sentence. However, this is not made public and Salim is left to believe that Anarkali is dead. The lovers remain separated through the rest of their lives.

In spite of such a simple story, the film is an epic due to the most memorable acting performances of Dilip Kumar as prince Salim, great Prithviraj Kapoor as king Akbar, Durga Khote as maharani Jodhabai, and Madhu Bala, as Anarkali. They were all simply fantastic in their own roles and are remembered even today after around 50 years of the release of the film. The film’s best dance sequence of “pyar kiya to darna kya” takes place in palace of mirrors of the famous Lahore fort. This dance is simply out of the world. The famous Hindustani classical and Thumari singer Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan sang two classical songs for the film in the voice of great Tansen. The music composed by famous music director Naushad is most melodious. All the songs of the film are super hits, even today. Dilip Kumar and Madhu Bala, both got Film Fare awards for their superb performances. Naushad was also nominated for the best music director of the year for evergreen music of this film. The impressive Hindi/Urdu dialogues, written by Kamal Amrohi were superb, giving the film an excellent penetrating quality. The film grossed over 55 million rupees at that time. It was India’s top-grossing film until the year 1975, when film Sholay became a big hit. The film was in black and white except for the two major song sequences, which were shot in Eastman color. A fully colorized version of the movie was released in the year 2004 and it also was a great success.

Mughal-e-Azam is still considered one of the best Hindi movies in the history of Hindi cinemas. All the theaters have to use their houseful boards (no tickets available), when this film is released, even now. If you have still not seen this film, you are missing one of the most memorable moments of your life.

Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning (2007) Movie Review

Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning (2007) Movie Review

I have a confession to make; I really liked the 2005 Dukes of Hazzard film. Never watched the show so I judged it on its own and damn if I didn’t have a blast watching it. The Broken Lizard boys always churn out entertainment for me and this was no different. Of course lots of people despised it but at least I enjoyed it. When the Direct to DVD prequel was announced I wasn’t too excited. The Broken Lizard guys weren’t involved so I became uninterested. But I was willing to give it a chance and rented it. So was Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning superior to the 2005 film? No. But was it decent entertainment? Yes.
Let me dive into negative territory first. Despite being a prequel to the 2005 film there’s some continuity errors here. The general lee has a confederate flag on its roof in this film yet Cooter didn’t apply it on till the 2005 film. The general lee also has its infamous car horn yet Cooter didn’t put it in till the 2005 film. Daisy is also a brunette (her hair color in TV series) yet she was a busty blonde in the 2005 film. The Filmmakers clearly did not pay attention to the 2005 film. Shame. Also the movie really isn’t all that funny. It’s not completely unfunny but I didn’t laugh out loud once during it. I only snickered occasionally. Also the movie has the typical cheap direct to video look but the more I watched the movie the less I noticed. Also what’s with Rosco’s dog going from Puppy to Dog back to puppy etc.? Joke or Bad Continuity? Take your pick.

But its not all bad continuity and not funny enough laughs, The Beginning is entertaining throughout its running time. I liked the cast. Randy Wayne and Jonathan Bennett were quite likable as the Duke Boys. I wasn’t sure about them at first but the more I watched the film the better they got and in the end liked them. April Scott (Daisy) is not as hot as Jessica Simpson but was cute enough for me. A little too skinny though. Willie Nelson (Uncle Jesse) was not as funny as he was in the 2005 film but still provided me with enough laughs to like him. Christopher McDonald (Boss Hogg) plays his usual evil character and does wonders with it. Harland Williams (Rosco) plays his typical goofball character and is excellent at it. Joel Moore (Cooter) was a hoot! Easily my favorite Actor/Character in the film. Loved him in Grandma’s Boy and Dodgeball, too. The plot wasn’t original but I liked it. Simple and to the point.

Robert Berlinger’s directing is simple and serves the movie in the end.

The music consists of country music and score. Decent.

The General Lee takes to the air in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ action comedy “The Dukes of Hazzard,” starring Johnny Knoxville, Seann William Scott and Jessica Simpson and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Like the unrated version of the 2005 film this film contains a decent amount of female nudity. Still blinded by the male nudity of Borat? Then rent this. There are enough boobs for any average male.

In the end, Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning was decent entertainment. I was bothered by the bad continuity between this and the 2005 film and the movie didn’t tickle my funny bone enough but I dug the cast, the female nudity and simple storyline. Worth a rental, especially if your bored.


Watch Hollywood movies online for free

Watch Hollywood movies online for free

Tired of paying expensive subscription fees to your cable service provider or expensive online streaming platforms? Tired of looking for torrents and never finding the right ones? We all know a friend who is a serious movie buff and yet fails to watch all of the latest movies on time. If you don’t know a friend like that there is a chance you yourself are that friend.

What many people fear is that online streaming sites are illegal and contain suspicious malware that may harm their computer. This is true in many cases; however, it isn’t true for all online streaming sites. Read on to find out how you can watch movies online without having to think about any legal consequences or the safety of your desktop.

There are many online sites that claim to have the latest movies on their platform. The most famous online streaming platforms are 123 movies, fmovies, etc. however, no matter how famous these sites are, people are scared of malware and a few people also claim to see pop-ups asking for their financial information which has created a stigma that people behind the site might be having some ill-intentions. If you too are someone who loves watching movies and is yet scared of the consequences of watching free movies on online streaming platforms like these, read on to find out some safer and legal alternatives for yourself.

Mentioned below are safer and better options that you may consider if you want to watch Hollywood movies online:

  • SONY Crackle: With a plethora of original Sony pictures, this is perfect for you if you want to watch the best movies online. This is compatible with a wide range of devices few of them which are: android phones, Apple devices, Xbox, Play station, etc. so that you can enjoy all your favorite movies anytime and anywhere.
  • Popcornflix: This is another site that provides you with the best movies online for free. This site is ad-supported so if you do not have a problem with a few ads you could get some really good content here. You would not find many latest movies here but you will always find the classics that too in great quality. The source of this site’s content is usually Screen Media Ventures.

  • Yidio: this is another ad-supported site where you can watch all Hollywood movies for free. It is legal and has movies in high resolution.
    As we can see there are many sites where you can watch Hollywood movies for free. However, please be careful of suspicious malware and other virus that may damage your computer.

Watch Full HD Unlimited Movies Online Free

Watch Full HD Unlimited Movies Online Free

The era of online film watching has slowly taken over the traditional method of theatrical movie watching. It is quite obvious to see the input as well as output, with regards to watching movies online. In case you are worried about reliable platforms, then certainly you can take note of putlocker.
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The credibility and high standards of online movies!

One of the biggest concerns that users face in terms of watching their favorite movies is quality. While movies in theatres are sure of HD quality, the online sector has also realized the value of the same. Therefore, the basic consideration that has slowly crept up the world of online movies is its HD quality.
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How to download the best movies in HD quality?

You must have noticed the different options that come up in terms of downloading any video content online. Therefore, in order to get in touch with the best set of movies online and that too in HD quality, the steps that you should follow are as follows:

    • When you find the best reliable site, simply gather up the chance to go through the website first. In this way, you will get an idea about the process online!
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Now that you have the movie downloaded in HD quality, you can secure your own time and watch it anytime and anywhere!